Frequently Asked Questions

Which of your products can I give to a guest who has food allergies/intolerances ?

We cannot guarantee that the ingredients we use have never been in contact with a known allergen. For example : even if two products do not come into contact with each other in the normal course of preparation, we may have washed kitchen utensils in the same water as those used for preparing a cake containing nuts. Knowing that the degree of sensitivity varies from one person to another, here is some information that may be helpful in your decision… We work with almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios and these may have been in contact with peanuts at the processing stage. The cakes containing these ingredients have blue printed labels in our display case. The other cakes do not contain these ingredients, but may have been in contact with them. Our croissants, chocolatines, raisin buns, abricotines and apple turnovers may have been in contact with almonds as we make our almond croissants and almond chocolatines in close proximity every day. Our bread does not come into contact with almonds or nuts as it is baked directly on the oven floor whereas our other products are baked on trays.

Our strawberry mousse and opera cakes are made with an organic, gluten-free flour (sold in the shop).  Our Sicilian cakes and our creme brulees do not contain flour.  These products may have come into contact with normal wheat flour. 

We are not aware of a gluten-free alternative that can be used in high quality bread.

Please enquire in the shop for more details.

Can I freeze your cakes ?

No for our fruits tarts, products containing choux pastry or napoleons. Yes for the other cakes, but if decorated with fresh fruit this should be removed before freezing and replaced by fresh fruit, if required, for serving.  All frozen cakes should be defrosted gradually in the refrigerator until they are completely thawed. This may take 12 hours for a large cake, 8 hours for a small one.

What is the best way to keep croissants fresh for serving the next day ?

Ideally they should be stored in their paper bag, inside a plastic bag in the freezer then left to thaw slowly without wrapping at room temperature for at least an hour. Otherwise they can be left in their paper bag inside a sealed plastic bag. They can be warmed, if you wish, but the idea is simply to melt the butter so leave them in the oven for no more than a few minutes.

What is the best way to keep bread ?

As we don't use additives or preservatives, baguettes should be eaten in a day and other loaves within 2 days.  If you want to keep them longer than this, you should store them in the freezer in their paper bags inside plastic bags to avoid absorbing other food flavours.

How much bread should I take ?

A ficelle will usually serve two people, a baguette three and a round or long loaf will serve four. Our chignons and épis are broken into eight pieces.

Do you make larger loaves ?

We may make 1 kg loaves (double the usual size) to order – 24 hours notice necessary

Why don't you make the same things every day and how do I know when you make my favourite ?

We produce in accordance with demand (so you have more choice at the weekend) and with the seasons in order to provide the freshest products every day. Please refer to our production chart on the 'Products' tab for more information.

How should I re-heat a meat pie ?

In the oven at 350˚ F or 180˚ C for 20 to 25 minutes. If heating from frozen it will take roughly 45 minutes. Make sure it's hot in the middle.

Do you sell dough, yeast etc. ?

We sell bread dough for making pizzas – order at least 24 hours in advance.  We sell butter puff pastry dough – order at least 48 hours in advance.  We sell fresh yeast by the 100g - always available.

Do you deliver / Do you have a catering service ?

We have a small team and prefer to concentrate our efforts on the shop to offer the highest possible quality.

Can I order ahead ?

We are always happy to take your order because it's an enormous help in planning our work. It's equally advantageous for you because you have the assurance of having what you want right up to closing time.

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