Bruno Mesure was brought up in the family bakery in the heart of the Basque country. Having learned the bread-making trade from his father, he did his pastry chef apprenticeship with the highly-renowned André Mandion, founder of the Association Relais Dessert in France. Bruno left France in 1992 to practice his art overseas (Scotland, England, Wales and the Middle East). Following a trip to Québec, in 1995, he decided to move to Montreal, with his Scottish partner, Frances Ferguson (which explains the name ‘La Vieille Alliance’ or ‘Auld Alliance’ which refers to the XIIIth century agreement between the crowns of Scotland and France).

Over the next three years, Bruno was able to learn everything he needed to know about the ingredients available in Canada. The couple moved to the Outaouais region and opened a little store in Glenwood Plaza, Aylmer selling cakes, croissants and breads as well as products imported from France. As their popularity grew, Bruno and Frances took on staff and continued to add to their product range.


juillet 2005

The store was completely destroyed in the Glenwood Plaza fire. The only item found undamaged in the ruins was a tiny jar of Scottish marmalade. This proud remnant is still on show on the counter today. With the support of their loyal customers, Bruno and Frances started looking for a new store.


December 2005

The new store on Principale Street opened with the addition of a brand new café.


April 2007

Another hard knock: this time the building in which the store was located was extensively damaged by fire. A return to the newly-built Glenwood Plaza was eventually decided.


October 2007

Re-opening : the store is more spacious, the café is bigger and a wider range of products is on offer. The owners are delighted by their customers’ positive reaction and encouragement.


Bakery, Pastry & cafe La Vieille Alliance - Plaza Glenwood - Aylmer Road - Gatineau (Quebec) J9H 1A2

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